Free Samples and Rebates

I find free samples and rebates to be a bit of a pain in the neck with lots of form-filling-out.  (I have heard there are add-on programs that will fill out all the forms for you, but I haven't got one of those)  But the rewards are SO worth it. 

Above is yesterday's mail - a sample package from Vocalpoint of three Pampers cruisers and oodles of coupons - all in the most absolutely adorable box that looked like a clutch (confiscated by one of the little girls immediately), a $10 gift card to Target I earned taking a survey, and 3 $5 refund checks for purchasing Sorrento cheese (after the refunds I ended up paying $3.00 for 6 packages of Sorrento string cheese, which the kids loved).

For me an added bonus of requesting free samples and mailing for rebates is that by the time the item/money arrives I've completely forgotten about the transaction, so it really is just a little freebie to me.  The free samples are great for traveling and often comes accompanied by coupons.

The rebate money goes directly towards debt balances.  Yes, it comes out of the grocery budget initially and could go back into that budget, but I don't count on it coming so I've worked the budget already without it.  When the checks go to the bank I'll use online bill pay to send the $ straight to the credit card I'm working on paying off.  The $15 from yesterday won't pay off the debt, of course, but it lowers the balance without using money designated for anything else.  I've heard of this being called the snowflaking. <- ok, I'm going to get bossy now, follow that link to Get Rich Slowly and read that blog. I mean it.  Ok, while I'm at it ... this one too -> Dave Ramsey When I start losing my motivation or worrying about what to do next I sit down with those two sites and find my confidence and "sticktoitiveness" again.

Oh, and no bills in the mail yesterday.  Gotta love that.

I'd tell you about today's mail but I only received one $10 rebate and a $1 coupon for Bounty paper towels (and again, no bills!). Slow day ...

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