Cow Appreciation Day

I found out the night before Cow Appreciation Day that we could actually participate.  I was supposed to be watching one more child, which meant we wouldn't all fit in the car ... but due to a last minute cancellation we were good to go.

Which meant 8 costumes in a few short hours.

See the spots?  Each one bled through to the driveway ... my driveway is now full of black blobs.
The kids had already painted a sheet just in case.  Just about every inch of that sheet was used in some way - the last little pieces were made into ears, most of which were never worn or taken off immediately.

The 3 youngest girls got pillowcase dresses.  The tops are a blue cow fabric and the bottoms are white muslin.  I basted cow spots on and basted their tails on so they could remove them and wear the dresses on a day other than Cow Appreciation Day if they wanted to.

My cows.

The rest of us got pants and tunics (or a summery sleeveless top for Mia ... because nothing was going to be easier to throw together than that!).  Any sewing rules ever written were broken in the making of these outfits ... no finished seams, no measuring, no patterns, no pins, even the thread used was the wrong colors.  By the end of the project my room was covered in little black and white bits and pieces, a cow explosion.

 Look at all the cows at the tables behind us!

The kids loved the whole thing.  They talked to every cow we passed on the way to ChickFilA.  They mooed.  They swished their tails.  The little girls had to wear their dresses all afternoon so they could show their Mama's when they got picked up.

His car seat matches.  :)

And what exactly is Cow Appreciation Day, you ask.  Well, if you go to ChickFilA on July 9th and dress like a cow you get a free meal.  If you dress a little like a cow, say a t-shirt or face painted, you get an entree.

We're a little bit ChickFilA obsessed around here.  Here too.  Oh, and here's last years Cow Appreciation Day.

Cows love ice cream (this cow won't eat the cone, just the ice cream).

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