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Yet again, I can't keep up with the blog. Sigh ...

I haven't been doing a whole lot of sewing, but am in the process of binding a quilt and have a few others partially completed that I'm hoping to get to after this Saturday. I want to attempt to sew some clothing for ME soon ... maybe skirts and tops? I'm not exactly sure what but I know there will be a few things made by me in my summer wardrobe.

I've mentioned that I do some babysitting while home schooling the kids and raising the baby. Last week I had a visitor at the door letting me know that an anonymous male had called DCF and told them I was watching a bunch of kids and was unlicensed. Turns out I was in violation of state codes because I watch children from more than one family on a regular basis for money (three kids from two families). And I had five business days to find other arrangements for the kids I watch because I cannot legally watch them. Oops. And yikes.

I needed to register or become licensed as a child care provider, or find some other way to earn money - with 6 kids, home schooling four of them, and taking care of a toddler ... I've looked at the situation from every side and staying home and watching a few kids while doing so is the best solution for my family. The registration process is tedious, time consuming, and fairly confusing. I've placed many, many calls and gotten different answers from each person I've talked to. I think though that I've worked through most, if not all, of the requirements and am hoping to be registered within the next week or two. I don't mind going through this at all, and had planned to when I found the time (whenever the heck that was going to be!), but having to do it ASAP is pretty stressful. The requirements themselves make a lot of sense and are very practical, it's just maneuvering through the system that's tough.

Luckily, I've been able to continue watching the kids I care for by making some changes and adjustments. I'm so grateful for that ... because of the money, certainly, but mostly because I feel like these kids are a great fit for us and we're a great fit for them ... and I'd miss them all terribly.

Anyhoo ... that issue put a stop to everything else going on as I worked through the paperwork and classwork (35 hours of classwork ... not easy to squeeze in!). I have finished taking the classes (online, thank goodness!!!) and take the tests for them on Saturday ... wish me luck, I haven't had to do schooling of my own in many, many years - my kids love it, they spend half their time making sure I'm not screwing around on facebook and youtube (I've been guilty of both) - and my brain is pretty rusty.

The anonymous caller? Not all that anonymous, really, but certainly not worth discussing.

Next week ... sewing posts, I hope!

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  1. Grr about that anonymous caller. But it will be good for you in the future to have the paperwork behind you so maybe he really did you a favour. All the best Cherrie

  2. Sorry about the "anonymous" caller - glad to hear you're wading through the red tape okay, though. Sewing skirts is fun - I hope you get to try some!

  3. It's hard but oh so worth it when all the paperwork is done. Just jump through those ropes, answer those questions and all will be good in time.
    Anonymous callers are a pain and hopefully it was done for the good of the kids and not for meanness!
    Take care and God Bless!! Have a great weekend.

  4. Good luck to you. You really sound like such a great mom!

  5. Oh fer crappin out loud, "anonymous male caller"...yeah...loser! I'm glad you're almost done jumping through the hoops and that the kids could still come while you did so! May God bless your efforts!

  6. I know I'm kind of a lurker here, but I just wanted to pop in and say that you are an inspiration to me. From reading your blog for the last few months, I know that you're making a go of it...alone. I'm amazed that you stay so positive. Your quilts are beautiful, your posts are always uplifting and beautiful as well...and I'm glad you could get the registration process done and keep that (easy-ish??) source of income!! (Easier than paying for daycare and working outside the home!)

    God bless, Mama.