Isn't this just the coolest pencil?

I have to admit, quickly, that I didn't exactly come up with this idea on my own. Somewhere, on someone else's blog (I'm sorry I don't know where I saw it offhand ... feel free to shout "It was me, I did it first" so I can give you proper credit) were pencils that said something like "I like to draw. I am awesome." I thought that was pretty darn awesome and had the thought that maybe something similar would help to motivate my kiddos and keep them going until summer break ... and they just plain are awesome kids.

I went to eBay and ordered personalized pencils, personalized with "I like to learn. I am awesome.". They came in four different colors, I think I bought two dozen for about $7.

I gave them to the kids today and they were appropriately excited. They smiled, laughed, talked amongst themselves about it ... Mama was pleased, so pleased.

Did it keep them motivated and help them remember to focus and do schoolwork? You tell me:

Um, no. It didn't.

Below is a little bit of what oldest daughter has been sifting through lately:

Believe it or not (I don't!), college recruitments, applications, SAT forms, and all the like. These days she is getting much more mail than I am! She said all the paperwork made her want to stay a kid for a long, long time.

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