Beautiful Blogger Award

I won an award! That's so cool ... I'm seriously very honored and excited. Thank you Ashley, of Always a Piece of Me, for the honor.

So here's the scoop ...

What the award entails:
- Thanks and link my presenter
- Post the award on my blog

- Share 7 interesting things about myself
- Nominate 7 blogs and link to them

7 interesting things about myself:
That's very hard. I've been myself for so long that I don't necessarily find much about me to be unusual or interesting ... just me. But I shall try ...
1. I'm left handed, as is my former husband. All of our children, so far, are right handed. I think River may be a leftie but that may be wishful thinking!
2. My real name is Mary Jo, not Jody. Go figure.
3. I started sewing when I was in elementary school. I stopped for quite awhile after having my oldest children but picked it up again a few years ago.
4. I don't sail. Yet. But I have every intention of learning in the next few months.
5. I can put my ankles behind my head. It didn't use to hurt as much to do that as it does now.
6. I have awful handwriting. So much so that I avoid hand writing things as much as possible.
7. I stopped eating red meat 17 years ago and do not feed it to my children. The last straw was a burger from McDonalds that made me really sick. I do eat chicken and the kids like fish and seafood.

7 blogs:
That's easier, but hard to stop at 7. I must confess that I put down the first seven I came across in my reader that jumped out at me. I could have put down 67 ... or more.
1. Redfish Circle
2. See Katie Sew
3. One Shabby Chick
4. Patchy Work of Mini Grey
5. Moda Bake Shop
6. A Stitch in Dye
7. Apple and Eve

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