Oh My!

I have a confession:

I haven't been reading blogs. Much at all.

At first I blamed this on my "woe is me"-ness ... reading about other people's lives that haven't fallen apart is hard. While this is true it isn't the only thing holding me back. I was introduced to silly games on facebook, like farmville, cafe world, etc. and spend far too much of my time playing inane games that have no value whatsoever in the real world (but my cafe is really really cute). Of course, my life is also busy, especially with the holidays and the kids, and that does keep me away from the computer - it's rare that I hop onto the computer during the day because that means the kids aren't supervised and that doesn't work at all.

And recently I determined that a large part of my problem keeping up with the blog world is that I haven't been crafting and sewing as much as I'd like to. And reading about craftiness elsewhere is a reminder of that little fact.

But the thing is ... I'm missing so much. This weekend I began catching up and was blown away by the great sewing that was done for the holidays. Blown away.

That's where the "oh my!" comes in! My list of "must try items" is now a mile and a half long and I'm only up to the blogs that I follow that begin with D.

Here are just a few of the wow's I've happened upon:

from A Stitch in Dye - dying my own fabric is now on my list
Apple Cyder - make a cool belt ... this one isn't a new post, but so worth trying
Artsy-Crafty Babe - I HAVE to make this pillow ... it makes me drool
Artsy-Crafty Babe - and these handbags ... more drooling
Betz White - from her book ... a bag printed with bubble wrap! love
Celebrate Creativity in all it's Forms - beautiful quilt pattern with tutorial
Crazy Mom Quilts - color wheel quilt - so awesome, check out her quilting stitch detail here
Creative Little Daisy - more "must make" pillows, with tutorial

I'd love to hear what's on your to do list as the new year begins.

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5 Comment

  1. Wow, who knew sewing bloggers did linky love?

    A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

    Don't forget to keep up with the political blogs;)

  2. This post sounds like something I could say right now.
    Thanks for the inspirational links.
    I plan on working on some projects I've had waiting for quite some time...a baby blanket, a few table quilts, some knitting projects too.
    Happy New Year~

  3. to do list...

    I am culling blogs - so I am taking advantage of your linky love. (& I only know 2 of the bloggers that you mentioned. A big step for me.)

    & I am no longer planning to do "X" because I only ever really do "Y." & Now I need to get rid of the "X" stuff - so that I can concentrate on "Y."

    X = embroidery, make bags, make clothing, dye anything, some forms of piecing
    Y = flat easy piecing

    The only exception is free piecing... I am still going to try that.

  4. i've narrowed my list of posts from 1000+ to under 600 over the holiday. i got behind and then overwhelmed by the amount...i can't keep up, but i feel like you do...i miss out on so much great work. in the new year i have to figure out something different with blog reading.

  5. I feel like I wrote this post (except I don't have a cafe...). I was just thinking the same thing and have spent the last two days trying to get caught up on some of my reading. Enjoy, and remember, it's ok to take a break once in a while.