Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stars and Scraps

star quilt with adorable baby hand  :)

River is back in the pictures. :) He's good company, and a top notch hand model.

star quilt

I've said it before ... I love scrap quilts. I love the colors and the cheeriness. I love the comfort they exude. There are moments when I think I should take all my fabric, cut it into small pieces, toss it all in a paper bag, and make nothing but scrap quilts. I'd be in heaven. Fortunately the voice of reason steps in and reminds me that I might not want to make EVERY quilt a scrap quilt, so cutting up all my fabric might not be the best idea. Darn that voice of reason!

star quilt detail and backside

star quilt detail


  1. Sooo Gorgeous!! I Love it! Ypu have such an eye for color!!

  2. I love the mavrick stars. Need to make one for myself one of these days. Your colors are super fun!

  3. Oh! I love that quilt! I love scrap quilts, too. Just like my grandmas made. Only they didn't have fabrics quite as luscious as those! Love the wonky stars, too, in that big (or should I say "just right") size.

  4. this is so pretty...i love the stars and the colors and your quilting is fantastic