His Second Trip Around the Sun Has Begun

Carrot Cake Mommy??? What the ?

Oh, Carrot Cake isn't so bad! (Doing his best "Yea Me" pose)

The other partiers included his siblings, Mama, and Grandparents

What a great toy!

Packaging! Another great toy.

This was the first of his three, yes three, birthday celebrations. #2 was lunch at Chick-Fil-A so he and the other kids could play on the playground and #3 was with his father and other set of grandparents. Not a bad way to ring in the next year!

The big 1 year old is not yet walking but crawling with lightening speed. He's beginning to talk and is at the stage where a word will be a big hit one day and out of circulation the next. To date he has six teeth. R. is still nursing, having made it through the entire year without a bottle ... no small feat given the issues of shared parenting and the need for time with both parents, but we were able to work out a plan that made this possible. R. eats like a stinking pig (yes, we tell him that) but remains skinny ... why I can't be blessed with that metabolism is beyond me! R. loves his brothers and sisters and lights up whenever he sees them ... and they all love him and are just wonderful with him ... I couldn't feel more blessed. Right now he's quite attached to Mama, I think because of the arrival of the teeth, a growth spurt, and a little cold he picked up (I don't mind at all though ... he can love on me all he wants).

Happy Birthday Wonderful Boy!

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