Blue and Green Tree Love

Blue Green Tree Quilt Backside

The above image is the back of the quilt. I love both sides of this one, but the back just makes my heart skip a beat. The tree fabric and the two-toned blue fabric are from Ikea. They were sitting on the shelf just begging, truly begging to be used in a quilt.

Here's the front. Lots of white with blue squares and rectangles thrown in for spots of pattern and color.

Blue Green Tree Quilt

The quilting is done with horizontal and vertical straight lines, added randomly, sometimes alone and sometimes in groups of two or three
Blue Green Tree Quilt Front

Blue Green Tree Quilt Backside Detail

I really like the tree fabric!

Blue Green Tree Quilt Stitching Detail

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4 Comment

  1. OOOO, I really like that tree fabric too.

  2. ohh....I'm loving that one too. The modern front and the awesome tree fabric on the back. DANG...I wish it was cooler here so I needed more than one blanket for my kids beds!

  3. That tree fabric is insanely cute! And I really like the way you quilted it. I'm gonna file that away in my inspiration folder. Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow! what a GREAT quilt! glad I found your blog site! I'm having lots of fun looking at all your stuff!!