Quilt Full of Love

A few weeks ago a good friend called and asked if I would be interested in completing a quilt for another friend of hers. The blocks were already in long strips and needed to be sewn together and made into a quilt.

memory quilt

The catch(es) ... well, first of all it's all knits. Second, the first row had stretched out ... fortunately, after taking a look was realized that the rest of the rows were just fine.

memory quilt close-up

As soon as I saw the strips of blocks I was in love. I recognized so many of the fabrics from my youngest daughter and from our shop. It was so fun to become reacquainted with them. The lavender binding was chosen to highlight a beautiful floral Baby Lulu fabric ... one that had caught my eye immediately.

memory quilt border, detail, and binding

Very simply, I sewed the strips into a top, added a white border, quilted it by tacking at each seam intersection, and added a wavy border.

memory quilt with backside and wavy binding

I hope that Ann, the owner of the quilt, and her daughter enjoy it for years to come.

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4 Comment

  1. How beautiful and lovingly made! I can only imagine what a buggar knits must be...but it looks divine. LOVE that wavy purple border...

  2. I love the wavy edge, and it looks super soft with all the knits. Lovely!

  3. Jody,
    It was so nice to be able to inspect one of your quilts up close and personal when it arrived at Ann's house. Your work really does equal perfection. Amazing.

  4. Thank you so much for finishing that quilt for my wife. I know how important it is to her and to get to see it online (I am deployed) brought a smile to my face because I know how happy it is making my girls.