Our Newest Family Member

is Hippo the cat. He's five months old and came to us from the Humane Society.

Hippo came home yesterday and is fitting into the family quite well.

He belongs to C., the oldest child. She chose him, specifically looking for a grayish cat because his name is Hippo (that was predetermined), and she is responsible for him. And he adores her already.

R. really couldn't care less about Hippo. The picture is very misleading ... the cat was walking past R., not stopping to visit.

*Notice the baby gates in the background. I thought I wouldn't need any since there are so many bigger people around and only one baby ... yeah, the first day he climbed the stairs I was at Babies R Us buying gates. We're up to 4, and need 2 more now that we have a litterbox to keep R. out of.

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5 Comment

  1. Beautiful kitty! Love the name hehe I used to want a grey cat so I could name it Church... I think I read too much Stephen King when I was younger!

  2. What a beautiful site you have and the quilts are awesome. Stop by my blog and sign up to win the lighted needle threader in my giveaway:http://quiltingranny.blogspot.com/2009/09/fabric-and-notion-giveaway.html

    Quilting Ranny

  3. How cute! Hippo looks like my cat Luka who is a Russian Blue.