Business Card Exchange Idea

Yet again, my poor blog is extremely neglected. I do have two quilts in progress and will post some family pictures soon.

My great Aunt, who I've mentioned before, passed away a week and a half ago so the kids and I flew up to Wisconsin last week for her memorial service.

I do post twitter updates and they link here ... maybe that counts as updating the blog?

On to my idea ... I received my new business cards today. I love them. I had the thought that it'd be great if a bunch of craftpersons got together and exchanged sets of business cards so we could include those in the packaging when we sell an item. I always include a thank you card and my business card in packages and I'd be happy to include a few other cards as well, in hopes of building future business for all of us. My thought, and I'm open to any feedback or ideas, would be to exchange 20 cards with each of 3-4 other vendors (I'll just divide the participants into groups depending on how many of us there are). Then when a sale is made extra business cards representing 3-4 different businesses (plus your own) would be included in the package. The buyer/purchaser will receive 4-5 business cards, a small enough number that they'd actually look at each of them. This may very well make no sense at all. If it's clear as mud let me know and I'll try to explain it better. If it interests you and you'd like to participate either respond here or e-mail me at and I'll organize the exchange (maybe it's like a co-op?).

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  1. Not a bad idea, although you would want to cover diverse craft or products so as not to ruin your own business. I'm in Australia so I guess that rules me out otherwise I would participate. Cherrie

  2. I love your business card swap idea (although I don't currently have an online shop...everything comes in time!). :)