Last Hurrah

School began today. Back to a routine, back to hours at the kitchen table, back to watching the wheels turn as the kids grasp new ideas.

Even though we home school I still appreciate the start of school. By mid-July the kids are getting bored and hot and "there's nothing to do". As the days pass I hear more, "Can I play on the computer?" and "Can I watch tv?", both of which are followed by me saying, "No, find something else to do. Go outside and ride your bike or walk to the park. Play a game. Clean something.", which never seems to produce the result I'm hoping for.

Schoolwork keeps kids busy. It gives them something to do, which is a welcome diversion (at least for me). So I'm happy to be back to school ... the kids, on the other hand, would never say that!

Last Friday the sailing kids headed up to Busch Gardens for the day. The little kids and I drove along but said good-bye immediately to the bigger, roller coaster riding teens and preteens. We saw those brave souls once in passing and then not again until it was time to go home.

Here are a few pictures from our adventurous day. :)

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