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chenille and flannel tactile blanket

A few weeks ago I made R. a blanket. He'd been feeling icky - running a fever, lethargic, etc. - and I felt he needed something special to cuddle and snuggle. The poor guy looked so miserable I'd have done just about anything to make him more comfortable.

chenille and flannel tactile blanketHis favorite thing to hold onto, chew, grab, snuggle is a large Ikea burp cloth/cloth diaper. He has a bunch of them and just thinks they are the bomb. I think that because they aren't super soft they feel good on his gums and in his fingers.

When I was a little girl I was a thumb sucker. While I sucked my thumb I ran my fingers along a Curity cloth diaper, unraveling the edges. I can still feel the texture of the cloth and the security it brought me when I think about it. So I can understand the appeal these cloths have for him.

For his blanket I used minky-like fabric and flannel blocks on one side and a large Ikea burp cloth on the other. Three good textural fabrics. Randomly along the edges I added ribbon pieces to give him something chenille and flannel tactile blanketelse to explore and feel.

That blanket goes just about everywhere River does. It is much bigger than a traditional tag blanket, most of which are only about 12" square. R.'s is big enough to snuggle with, cover him during a nap, place under him for a diaper change, clean up spills, use as a nursing blanket, use as a sun shade, and, oh, just about anything else that comes along. And the cloth dries really quickly.

Because R. loves his blanket so much the last time I went to Ikea I picked up more of the burp cloths to make some to sell. For these I opted to use chenille instead of the minky fabric, it's more breathable and still really soft and snuggly. The blankets measure about 22" by 24".

I'll be listing this one on etsy within the next day or two, if R. lets go of it.

chenille and flannel tactile blanket

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  1. oh that's such a great idea!! I bet Emerson would like one too. Those IKEA burb cloths are new? I haven't been there in a while. Again...yet another reason to get over there!

  2. I love the blanket - beautiful! So is the baby:-)

  3. That baby is just the sweetest thing.