Friday, June 5, 2009

A little about me ...

Borrowed from Jenny, let me know if you do it too!

I am… the walrus ... C. did a report on John Lennon yesterday and that's what's on my mind today!

I want… to figure out how to be financially secure after this divorce

I have… 6 kids, all of whom are unique and wonderful

I wish… my marriage had turned out differently

I know… a little bit about parenting, only a little though because the kids keep changing the game!

I hate… that my clothes don't fit so well (and that I haven't done anything about it)

I fear… snakes

I hear… two of the kids talking and giggling in the kitchen

I crave… Chick-Fil-A, fabric

I search… for ways to do the best I can for my kids, and for Cheese Nips, which I can't find

I always… have a Diet Coke nearby

I usually… have the radio on in the car, and the tv on when I'm sewing (I don't watch it though, it's just background noise)

I am not… a social butterfly

I miss… seeing the change of seasons

I love… my kids, my world, the sun, sewing, my family, watching the baby sleep, Chick Fil A

I never… would voluntarily touch anyone elses feet, except baby feet

I rarely… have a spotless house ... very, very rarely, in fact

I cry… much less than I did a few months ago!

I lose… my keys almost every day

I should… organize my fabric, and I plan to this weekend

I worry… about my kids and their happiness and well-being

I dream… of living in the woods or country with a lake, somewhere where the kids could run free and play outside all day long


  1. It feels good when the tears decrease. Crying is at the top of my hate list now. I hate it with a vengeance but stress seems to weaken the body and I cry over all sorts of things now, even happy ones. You aredoing amazingly, looking after your children. I believe the tidiness improves when they have all left home. LOL

  2. I would say that a lot of those mommy feelings are the same things that I am worried about too. I wish you the very best in resolving those things that bring you worry.

  3. LOL...It took me a second to figure out what "Chik-fil-A fabric" was...then I saw the comma...yes, I am just that silly...

    Thanks for playing! I really liked this idea for some reason. I enjoyed reading yours and think we should live next door to each other on our country properties. *sigh* Then you could teach me to sew. ;)

  4. I put my list up on my blog. Thanks for the thoughts.