Triangles and Squares

Triangles and Squares Quilt with R. admiring it

Triangles and Squares Quilt
He likes it, he really likes it!

R. couldn't get enough of this quilt.  It may be that he wanted to eat it, much like everything else that comes within a mile of his mouth, or he may have been drawn to the colors and "busyness".  Whatever it was, he was quite enthralled with it and did not want to let go.

Various shades of blues, greens, and brown are used to create the quilt.  I used quite a few Amy Schimler prints with various other fabrics mixed in.

I can't remember where I got the idea for the blocks, I'm sure it was from seeing them
Triangles and Squares Quilt Back
 somewhere on flickr or someone else's blog.  I wish I could give credit where it's due but I'm drawing a complete blank.

The blocks are joined by white sashing, with one tiny block in the center. The top and bottom border are just random leftover pieces stitched together, just to add a little interest.

The backside is a striped Ikea fabric with a row of leftover blocks.

The quilting is random stippling, in white thread.  

R.'s top matches, it wasn't intentional.  ☺

Triangles and Squares Quilt Detail and Feet

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