Sneaking in a Visit


What I'm working on today ...

Really, truly, I'm working on entertaining a 5 month old baby.  It's a good job, a full-time job.  Every once in a while he falls asleep until he realizes he's asleep and then he wakes up and demands his entertainment.  And I oblige, because, really, what could be more fun and heartwarming than being smiled and laughed at by the little River man?

During the (very) brief catnaps I've been doing a (very) little sewing.   The above is the border for the below.  The quilt, when it becomes one, has a more girlish twin ... she has pink and purple blocks as well as the green, blue, red, and orange.  

I feel like I'm melting crayon stubs together (except that the only time I tried that the tray we used melted in the microwave and the crayons were nasty, nasty, nasty ... hopefully this will have a different outcome) and ending up with these squares.  Very fun.  I cannot take credit for this idea ... I stole it here (do go look ... hers is fantastic).

The little man beckons ...


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2 Comment

  1. I love your bright color sweet! I also looked at the link "where you stole the idea" and I really love both of them! I think I would like to try this. I'm a new blogger and enjoying this so much. This is as addictive as shopping for new fabric. Till next time...Kathy

  2. Fun! :)
    You are nuts and I don't know how you do it all.