Another Year Older

03 160Not me ... I'm not sure, at my age, that I need to be announcing my birthdays. 

Today, my second oldest son, third youngest child, is 8 years old.  Eight!!

He's very excited and enjoying his birthday week of indulgence.  We're still adjusting to life with two homes and all that goes with that.  He spent Saturday alone celebrating with Daddy having some awesome "one on one" time that involved bowling and lunch, then on Tuesday he celebrated with Daddy and the siblings, now today we'll do cake and presents and a special dinner chosen by the birthday boy, and then Saturday we head to Busch Gardens for his
03 140
 birthday activity, as the kids and I have agreed we'll
 do for all their birthdays (annual passes).  Whew!  Needless to say, he's feeling awfully special right now (which he is, so that's alright).

I've mentioned before that A. has had some issues developmentally over the years.  I'm thrilled to say that he's done quite well this school year, and seems to be right on grade level in everything.  He still doesn't understand making inferences, when he's asked a "Why do you think ... " question at the end of story he's lost, but we're working on it.  For the most part though he's doing wonderfully and we're so proud of his accomplishments and progress.

03 150
The images were taken by A. the last time we were at Busch Gardens.  He grabbed the camera and took a million pictures ... maybe two million, it's hard to count that many.  
Happy Birthday A.!

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