What I'm Not Doing

It appears that I'm never going to get the quilts I'm working on sandwiched and pinned, even though everything is sitting there, ready to be put together. Why is it that the pinning is my least favorite part of quilting? It doesn't even take that long, but I still put it off as long as possible.

So ... here's are the works in progress ... just in case I never get any further on them!

wip coin quilt

wip zigzag quilt

And a picture of R., taken at the park today. Does he have an awesome smile or what? ☺

R. in the park swing

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4 Comment

  1. I want to pinch those little cheeks! What a cutie!

  2. Jacob's got the same or almost the same hat!

  3. I hate pinning too. But I don't mind spray basting with Sulky. Pinning is my quilting nemesis.

  4. i'm so with you...i'd rather do just about anything else than get on my hands and knees and baste. plus he's so darn cute...much more fun to play with him!