The Weekend

We traveled to Busch Gardens this weekend, partially to celebrate K.'s 6th birthday and partially just to have a great time (which we did).

Florida residents can buy a one-day ticket and return the rest of the year. Gotta love that!

So no sewing to show. Honestly, I'm not sure there would have been any anyway ... I've been very sidetracked lately but am hoping to at least get some quilt pinning done tonight.

part of a show at busch gardens

a. on a rope walkway at busch gardens

about to get splashed @ busch gardens

r. enjoying the ceiling fan at the restaurant ... best part of Busch Gardens for him!

busch gardens

all of us (r. is hidden in the stroller, but he's there)
The first picture of all of us! Unfortunately, R. is in the stroller and hidden by a water glass ... but he's there, he really is.

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