Still Here!

I'm here ... and I just got my computer back ... and bought a gigantic new monitor (on super duper cheap clearance) ...

I lost all my favorite places, so I'm limping along trying to find my online "world" again.

Bear with me, I'll be back, up and running, with some new projects to share next week.

And I have 4166 bloglines posts to read. Seriously. That may not happen. Ever.

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4 Comment

  1. I have wondered if you were quilting up a storm? Computer troubles but the monitor sounds wonderful. See you back at the blog soon.

  2. Welcome back. If I have missed reading for a while I just pick my absolute favourites and then slowly look down the posts on the others. That way you hardly miss anything.

  3. welcome back! yippee...someone has more blog posts to read than i do. you make my 600 or so look like a walk in the park!!

  4. ACK - I had 1000's to wade through once I got back to a more than "every once in a great while" blog reading schedule... :o)