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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fun and Free - Hot Glue Gun Craft Project

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Is it just my boys or do all male children gravitate towards anything and everything with "gun" in the name? We've never allowed them to play with guns or anything similar, but still ... mention gun and their eyes light up like Fourth of July fireworks. As soon as I mentioned that I'd gotten low heat glue guns for them (from Walmart ... very inexpensive) they were begging and pleading to do a project.

fun and free craft project

So a project we did.

fun and free craft project

Out came a bag of pipe cleaners, some plastic eyes, a bunch of pom pom balls, foam Easter beads, and the low heat glue guns. I had all this stuff laying around so there was no cost for us, but I do recall that the glue guns were less than $10 each ... and I have found them to be well worth it, they glue very well and don't burn enough to blister (a little sting, but it passes quickly). I can see us using the glue guns often ... it's so easy to let loose and be creative with them. I think our next project will have something to do with pinecones, as there are many near our home ... maybe glue stick arms and faces to them ... not sure yet.

fun and free craft project

The kids created caterpillars, flowers, butterflies, bracelets, airplanes, boats, monsters (lots of one-eyed monsters), trees, a little bug with glasses and a little bug with an ipod.

fun and free craft project

The kids have gone back to this project twice since we first did it and are talking about doing it again tomorrow. All in all, we've spent about three hours playing with the craft items and glue guns.

***I know I said I'd post at least every Friday and it's now Saturday. Yeah, I blew it already. But honest ... my computer that just cost $200 or so to fix is still not working right.


  1. How fun! I love pipe cleaner and pom pom crafts! Thanks for sharing.

  2. pinecones? spread peanut butter all over, put into small bag of birdseed, shake, then hang pinecone in tree for birds to enjoy