Fun and Free - Discovering a New Park

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21 011Our first fun and totally free thing to do was to visit a "new to us" park in a neighborhood we'd never had the pleasure of visiting before.

Perhaps not the wildest adventure, but a great way to kill a few hours, get the kids the fresh air and activity they need, and spend no money. I'm a huge believer that everyone, and especially kids, needs to spend some time outdoors every day, breathing fresh air, getting a little 21 007sunshine, and running, so parks are a big part of our activities.

This park was found thanks to our handy dandy GPS. I love that thing! All I had to do was ask it to find a nearby park, and off we went.

21 003Like most kids mine love parks, especially playgrounds, and this one was no exception. Not the newest playground, but it had slides to climb on. The playground worked well for them and they all made new friends to play with.

This pretty park was on a canal, and, apparantly not a place to swim (though my kids kayak and swim in these canals all the time ... if one of them comes home without an arm or foot that'd certainly verify the presence of alligators ... of course, there are gators everywhere, so I don't doubt they're in the canals ... we've just been lucky so far).

We spent about an hour and a half at the park. The weather was perfect, high 70's with a breeze ... can't ask for more than that.

Our first free event, while not overly exciting, was a wonderful success. We got our money's worth, that's for sure ... and now we have a new park we can visit whenever we're in that end of town.

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  1. Jody, that park looks great! I'd love to know where it is. We are always up for another park :) THanks! We live in SFM/ it out our direction?

  2. Oooh, and I LOVE the those little painted feet.