We woke this morning to some very cold weather ... 34' when I took C. to school. It's still pretty cold, but should warm up to a more tolerable temperature in a few days.

In celebration of the cold front here's a picture taken a few years ago of two of my kids playing in the snow in Wisconsin. This melting leftover snow is the most snow they've ever seen. Really.

We've been to Wisconsin a number of times in December and March and this was the first visit where there was actually snow on the ground. As we were heading back to the airport we had the extreme pleasure of seeing snow fall ... lightly, but we take what we can get!

M. came with us on this trip but she's not in the picture above. She got out of the car, touched the snow, and ran back to the car because it was too cold for her.

C. had seen snow previously on a mountaintop. This was the first time I. and M. has ever seen it. The other kids haven't experienced it yet, but would love to.

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