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quilt top b

While it may have appeared that I was a complete slacker this weekend I really wasn't. Instead I was working to finish quilts, three of them. Here's the first one down, mentioned previously here.

quilt top b binding, back, detail

This was quilted with random free-motion quilting with a cream thread.

quilt top b finishedThe back is golden with suns on it ... a perfect complement to the front. The binding uses a variety of the fabrics from the front squares ... I couldn't decide which to use so I mixed and matched.

For this quilt I used bamboo batting. It was the first time I'd used it - it was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for 50% off, so worth trying. I must say, it's pretty wonderful stuff. It seemed like a shame to sandwich it into a quilt because it was so soft and comfortable. I'd have been perfectly happy to sleep under just the batting ... it felt that good. Firm too, not an overabundance of give in it, which led me to believe it'd go through the wash over and over and hold up really well. And it smelled better than a lot of battings do. Will I use it again? Absolutely.

This quilt will be listed in the shop very soon.quilt top b binding, back, detail

Have you made this yogurt in your crockpot yet? It's a must, really it is. Beth sent me the link for it and I had to try it immediately ... there's no reason not to if you have a crock pot, milk, and yogurt. Less than 48 hours after dusting off the crock pot and making the first batch I had to make another. With the second batch I added unflavored gelatin ... the jury is still out on that idea as it did thicken it nicely, but there are thicker spots throughout that are kind of weird. We either quilt top b detaileat the yogurt mixed with a little honey, blended into a smoothie, or as an alternative to sour cream. It tastes just like plain yogurt (because it is) so a little sweetening is probably necessary for kids and most grown-ups (I like it plain, but I don't think most people do). Again, you really have to make this.

Speaking of Beth ... she's days overdue so send prayers and labor thoughts her way!

Did you know Because I'm Me is on Facebook? Many thanks to my teenaged daughter, who is extremely helpful, talented, and Facebook literate (she should be, as much time as she spends on the site). Join us here or here ... one link is a group, the other is a page ... they serve different purposes and I'm not yet sure which is a better fit for me so both are up and running.

And now back to the Smashing Smock ... thank you for all your comments and input. My children randomly picked a "winner" and the recipient will be Charity of Knitting in the North, who said, "Yes, please enter me in your drawing, this is so lovely! :o)". Charity, e-mail me your address and I'll get it right out to you.

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  1. Oh, my goodness, this is so exciting! I was thrilled and totally distracted by the idea of crockpot yogurt, and only just now came back to see that I won your draw! Hooray! :o)

  2. Jody, the quilt is awesome!!
    Thanks so much for the kind thoughts and prayers too. I actually got out the 'big guns' aka castor oil last night and am still sitting here this morning with no baby. GRRR
    I think I might put on a crockpot of will be my fourth. I'm tried a lot of different combos. So far the unflavored gelatin and 2 T of cornstarch has worked good. Consistency is about the same as store bought. Yes, honey is a great addition!