"Smashing Smock" Give-Away

smashing smock

smashing smockI made this terrific top for C. ... the very last of the Christmas sewing that had to be done.

She picked the fabrics and the Smashing Smock pattern from Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me book, and I, feeling rather befuddled because of my hang-ups with following patterns, sewed. And it's cool, and cute, and comfy-looking ... comfy-looking because it's too small for C.

C. wears a medium, approximately a size 7, and this is too small across the top. I'm going to make her another and add about an inch in width to the front and the back. The pattern said this was a medium, but, of course, everyone has a different idea of what medium is ... and this medium isn't the same as a C. medium. I should have measured first.

Another note about the pattern, if you're inclined to make your own top (you should ... it really was easy once I got the hang of reading the directions ... and it'd be a great summer top, or year round top if you're in Florida) ... I found I needed more fabric than the pattern called for, almost a yard rather than 2/3 of a yard. I did add about 3" in length to the top, C. wanted it a little bit longer and more flowing.

I tried it on M., thinking perhaps she could wear it as a dress. Unfortunately, she's super-skinny and it didn't work, though we agreed that if it'd been narrow enough for her it'd have made a wonderful sundress.

There's no way in heck it'd fit me. Period. No way it'd have fit me in the last 15 years. Enough smashing smocksaid.

And the boys ... well ... really not their colors, or style.

So the give-away ... if you would like this, or know someone it might fit, leave a comment and, if more than one person is interested in it, I'll draw a name on Friday afternoon. I realize this isn't the most exciting give-away, but it's a great top (or a roomy girls dress?) and I hate to just donate or toss it and I know of noone that it'd fit.

edited to add: this is a top for an adult, though it'd probably work as a dress for a girl somewhere around the ages of 6-10.

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10 Comment

  1. OOHHH! My little 4 year old just saw this and said, "I love that dress! You could make it for me. It would be a great play dress!" She is right! I love you blog, I have followed it for about a year now.

  2. count me in! I would love it. Your work is great. So sorry it was too small. I get so frustrated when that happens. You are super sweet to give it away. my daughter would die for this dress!

  3. I've got twin girls that are about to turn 5, so I KNOW this would get a lot of wear in my house! Thanks for hosting this giveaway ... the shirt (errr, smock) is beautiful!

  4. I was just looking at that book last night in a bookstore, and was particularly interested in that top. Doing a google search on it, I came across your blog. What luck!

    I would love to be entered into your drawing, and look forward to keeping up with your blog from here on out!

  5. Yes, please enter me in your drawing, this is so lovely! :o)

  6. oooooooooh I have a 5 year old who would love this!

  7. Oh yes, please enter me. So very pretty. You choose the best fabrics.

  8. so cute!! my dd is turning 5 in march and would LOVE this dress. and i would be proud to admit that i didnt make it :)

  9. Love this top...Brooke would love it too. Count me in. =)

  10. This is really lovely. Count me in! I love your fabric choices.