Scraps for the Couch

In another glaringly obvious attempt to avoid sewing the handbags I'm supposed to be sewing I made up some pillows for the living room sofa, coordinating with the dining room table runner.

10 044

One of the pillows I'm happy with, the other will be replaced sooner or later ... unless I just get used to it. The only problem with replacing one is that I'm just about out of these fabrics ... I'm really down to just tiny pieces of most of them, so I'm not sure I can come up with enough to make another pillow.

10 031

One pillow is just random strips of fabric.

10 039

The other uses the disappearing nine patch technique. I started with nine squares sewn into a square, cut that into one-fourths, moved them around, and sewed them back together. I miscalculated the size of the squares and had to add a small border around the outside. This is the pillow I'm not fond of, the pink is just a bit too bright ... but like I said, I may or may not replace it eventually.

10 040

The backs of the pillows create an envelope to simply stuff a 16" pillow form into. It'll be so easy to switch these out!

10 037

Just by adding the pillows and table runner the entire living room/dining room is perked up. (bad picture, sorry, but it gives an idea of the finished look)

10 025

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4 Comment

  1. That matches perfectly and your house looks so cozy!! With all those kids and a're wonder woman!

  2. you're right, perks up the whole place.

  3. love the colors! great job ...thanks for the inspiration.
    shelia fisher