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On to happier posts ... or to put it another way, more pictures of R.

05 014

Here is his adorable self admiring a quilt we keep in the family room, on the back of a couch. It's possible that R. is very intensely interested in this quilt, given his life-long exposure to fabrics 05 015and quilting ... it's equally possible that he's just stuck there, being not good at all at rolling over. Either way, he's quite content.

So would you believe me if I said this was the first quilt I ever made? Yeah, I wouldn't believe it either ... good thing too, because I didn't make it at all. Truth be told, it was a wedding gift purchased for us from JCPenney, long05 016 before I was doing much sewing. It's really pretty and I love it, even with it's mass-manufacturedness, and it's a perfect match in our family room. I'm not sure how but it has stood up quite well to the wear and tear of the children and the few little worn spots on the binding just add charm and character to it.

R. has somehow rapidly reached the ripe old age of 6 weeks. And he's dang cool.

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  1. jody,
    i'm so sorry about your news. just know that i'm praying for you. you've got lots of good things around you, namely that darling little one. keep the faith!

  2. He looks like a doll! I have decided that mine has male pattern baldness...

    Sorry about your news.