Oh My Gosh ... I'm Obsessed ... Part 3 ... Finished

quilt top c finished

quilt top cFinished for Beth ... and none too soon as her new babe is due in January (A friend for River? I think so.). We're doing a trade with this one ... I get a sling for my little marsupial son (and, hopefully, some instructions on how to use it as I've never mastered proper sling technique AT ALL) and she gets this quilt. I'm pretty excited about the sling, I really think it's just what R. needs ... which makes it just what I need!

The quilt measures about 43" by 51" overall ... a great sizequilt top c backside, binding, borders, detail for either a wall hanging or a floor quilt ... or for a toddler bed ... or whatever else one might wish to do with it.

As I mentioned earlier this quilt uses mostly Amy Schimler fabrics, which I love, love, love. Here are some other great projects featuring these fabrics. I'm crazy about this quilt ... it's on my list of things to make, though I may use blocks like the ones here on the outside.

quilt top c close-up with borders and bindingThe binding fabric is another favorite, from a different line but I'm not sure what line as I used the rest of what I had to complete this quilt. I am thrilled with how well it worked with this project. The overall combination of colors makes me smile.

I've been concerned lately about this whole issue, as is everyone I've talked to who makes and/or sells children's products. From what I've read I won't be able to sell quilt top c finishedquilts, bibs, clothing, etc. anymore after mid-February ... and I won't be able to resell the baby gear I've purchased for River as that would need to be tested also. I hope the restrictions/regulations are changed to allow the small business person to stay in business.

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  1. OH MY GOSH I'M SO EXCITED!! I showed Brian the pictures too and right away he said how cute it is and he can't wait to see it in person! Perfect tming since we just finished the nursery painting and everyone (you know) is asking for pictures. Now they will have to wait until I pick this up!!
    As for your half...I'm still waiting on my rings. I had to order more and they should be in within a few days. The sling will be done the day they come in.
    Did I say I'm excited??!!

  2. I saw a similar pattern on crazy mom quilts and hers was nice, but I like what you did more. So bright and your work is inspiritional for someone like me who is a new quilter.
    Lovely lovely blog.

  3. This is fantastic. I am in love with these fabrics but have struggled to find just the right pattern for my daughter's quilt. But this is it!!! Do you have a pattern you used or can share or did you design yourself?
    clstauf at hotmail.com