Because He Has Nothing to Wear

... or something like that ...

onesies for river

lizard onesie
R. needed some new threads ... or I just wanted a quick satisfying project. And what could be better than an excuse to use these great fabrics again (and again, and again ...)?

These onesies are super quick to create. I just cut a slightly larger than I needed scrap of fabric and ironed on some Heat and Bond Ultra, completely covering the area I'd be frog onesieadhering to the onesie. Then I cut the fabric to the size I wanted and ironed my piece of fabric to a onesie. The Heat and Bond Ultra holds really well so the embroidery stitching is mostly decorative, but I think it makes a big difference in appearance.

Each of these onesies took about 15-20 minutes total to make.

R. would have modeled them but he's napping ... and I'm loving the few arms-free moments that provides.

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4 Comment

  1. so cute...i've got a grand nephew coming soon...i need to give these a try.

  2. Love these--so cute and fresh looking!

  3. Just found a bunch of onesies in my closet rummaging yesterday....they are now on the ironing board. BUT...I need to find that cute fabric around here. Seems as if we don't have any stores that carry the BIG names of fabrics.