Random Patchwork Quilt Top

05 001

Just a quick patchwork quilt top. I'm not yet sure how I'm going to finish it, either straight lines "in the ditch" or random free-motion quilting.

The inspiration fabric is the dragonfly fabric in the center of the picture below. The rest of the quilt is pretty dang random and scrappy. I'm not sure how I feel about it ... the very business of it kind of scares me, and a few of the seams are way off, which makes me very unhappy. But the colors and patterns are so cheerful it's hard not to like it at least a little bit!

05 004

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5 Comment

  1. Sometimes these unco-ordinated or random quilts are the ones that our family members love the most. I am sure it will have a full love and it does look lovely too. Cherrie

  2. I love this. It's my very favorite kind of quilt. Did you consider diagonally quilting it? I have in my mind to do one like this and quilt it diagonally in straight lines sort of Xing the squares. But any quilting will be lovely on such a fun quilt. :)

    I don't see any seams not linging up perfectly. I guess it's a good thing I'm not terribly picky about that because mine hardly ever line up right!


  3. You know I love scrappy, random quilts :-)
    It looks fantastic and I agree with Erin K - they all look like they line up to me...I'm horrible at that!


  4. i love random, scrappy quilts just like this one.

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