Oh My Gosh ... I'm Obsessed

quilt top a detail

MORE of the Creatures and Critters line from Amy Schimler. Truth be told, this is just the first of three quilt tops using her fabrics as a starting point ... yes, three more, making five all together. I love these fabrics. I keep sneaking to the fabric store to pick up one or two more of them ... because I'm using them up as quickly as I buy them. But shoot ... they are so great for a boy or a girl, and so much fun to look at.

quilt top a

The sashing is a different fabric line altogether, but I love it in this quilt top. It just seemed like a perfect complement.

quilt top a close-up

The squares begin as 8", the sashing 2" strips, and the border is 3".

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5 Comment

  1. As soon as that's in the etsy shop I'm putting it on my wish list!
    Well, that is if I don't love one of the next better!! (thanks for the gender neutral)

  2. Love those fabrics! It looks adorable!

  3. It is so cute - love the fabrics!

  4. i wish i had a shop that sold her fabrics...i'd love to see them in person.

  5. Oh wow I love the snail fabric so much. Its all great though.