Pretty Little Girly Quilt

Finally a post. I haven't forgotten that I have a blog ... life is still very unsettled here and I just haven't had the energy or desire to do much of anything. I'm working to find a little balance but it's really hard. Your prayers and good thoughts are much, much, much appreciated through what is, without a doubt, the hardest time ever in the life of my family. I have faith that everything will work out well ... better than ever.

The babe continues to do well, growing, kicking, hiccuping as he should.

pink green girl quilt up close

Here's a sweet quilt for a baby girl. I am crazy about the pink floral fabric and was thrilled to find a few others that matched it. The quilt measures about 40" square.

pink green girl quilt detail back binding

I finally got a "stitch in the ditch" presser foot. What a treat that is! It made, well, stitching in the ditch so easy!

pink green girl quilt

This quilt is ready just in time for a few upcoming craft shows. The first is this Saturday at McGregor Baptist Church in Fort Myers ... 9:00 to 1:00!

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6 Comment

  1. that fabric is darling and you made it a great quilt. hope this time is not too hard on you. thinking about you and putting you in my prayers too.

  2. Could you share some of the hardships you are having? Maybe it would help you as we pray for you. I bought the red, white, and blue quilt for a girl. I bought it for my daughter for Christmas and it is lovely.
    Thank You!

  3. Your quilts are always so sweet, and this sure is! Love those greens, what a fresh and fun quilt.

    I sure wish I could send help through the internet. Hopefully knowing that there are people out there hoping and praying for you helps a little:)

  4. Good luck:)
    You do such a beautiful job!:)

  5. Oohhh. I love the baby quilt! For a little girl, especially one that might happen to have green eyes, you have balanced the delicate pink so well the strong green. I'm sure people are going to love it at the quilt fair, I certainly would want it!

  6. Beautiful quilt! Quilts are so special, because they're made with love. :):):):)

    Whatever you may be going through please know that you'll be in my prayers.