When Enough is Enough

Let me begin by thanking those who noticed and commented on my absence. We returned from vacation about two weeks ago and life has just been crazy since then. I'm not sure when I'll get back to posting regularly but I'm here and hanging in there.

Here are a few images of the kids taken last Sunday ... after days and days of Tropical Storm Fay rain. I'd heard it start raining and gone downstairs to ask the kids to close the garage door. No one answered. Wondering what was up I went outside and found the following sights. By the time it stopped raining there were 10 or so kids outside playing in the pouring rain ... and all drenched to the bones (but very happy).

01 002

01 010

01 009

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2 Comment

  1. Hope everything settles down soon! After all that vacation goodness it sure is hard to make the transition. I always loathe it!

  2. Oh how funny!
    I always wonder what is best, tell the kids to run upstairs soaked and drop the clothes by the washer or strip in the kitchen and then have to carry the wet mess up myself, then making me wet as well...