A Little Amusement

Yesterday the kids and I were driving down the road to sailing, heading into downtown Fort Myers on a busy main many-laned road with a speed limit of 35 mph. Being as observant as ever (because I'm such a good driver ... though Adam wrote a note saying I drive like a maneak ... ) I look to my right and see two police officers, in uniform, standing on the side of the road with their speed guns aimed at the road, no police car in sight.

I point out this oddity to the children. Suddenly one of the officers walks right into the road and stops traffic. He then motions to a car to move to the side of the road to get a ticket for speeding!

As we pondered this we decided that this had to be Candid Camera, or taping for an issue of Reno 911 (though neither officer had short shorts on).

Or, perhaps, the officers got their patrol cars taken away until they increased their speeding ticket quotas (which would be typical fodder for an episode of Reno 911).

Either way, we giggled all the way to sailing, and all the way home again afterwards.

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  1. That's funny - that's how the RCMP does in-town speed traps here! :0)