C.'s second bag

toteHere's the back-up bag for C., just in case she wasn't thrilled with the first one (I"m so glad she liked the first one though!).

I used Amy Butler Lotus fabric and charm squares to make the bag, making it easy as pie to coordinate everything ... and it was a great way to use up the last few charm squares I had of those fabrics. The strip of charm squares goes all the way around the bag and is continued on the straps in a few places ... just to add a little interest.

It was a quicky (less than 1 hour total) and I'm pleased with it.

The bag measures about 14" by 16" with straps about 26" total length.

The tote is lined in red polka-dot with a pocket of the gray Lotus fabric and topped with little squares of the coordinating fabric. The bag could be reversed, I suppose, but the lining isn't sewn as neatly as it could be where the opening to flip the bag was ... it sure wouldn't be hard to hand-stitch it invisibly so the bag could be two-sided, but I wasn't thinking that far ahead.

tote tote inside, pocket

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7 Comment

  1. That's cute! I was just checking out your shop {again} and you still have your vacation notice in the shop announcement. :)

  2. Super cute!! I love the fabric combo.

  3. I love a quick fun project that turns out so darling like this.

  4. Very cute bag. I love the fabric and the charm square piece you added to the outside!

  5. Great bag. I make mine reversible by turing them out through a gap at the top and then top stitching around the whole top of the bag which closes up the gap.

  6. I really love that bag. The colour and the design. Really great job.