Vacation - The Cottage - The Unexpected

the unexpected

Nothing serious. I., three of the other kids, and I caught a lovely virus at the cottage. I. was the sickest so after 5 days of fever, sore throat, cough, vomiting, and other misc. fun he spent a morning at the emergency room.

Yes, the ER for a virus. Because our insurance doesn't cover anything except ER visits in Wisconsin (with a high deductible ... but that would be waived if we were admitted ... the boy just has a virus!).

I blame the sickness on the weather, even though I know what other people say about viruses/bugs. We just can't handle anything below 75' ... we wimpy heat-seeking Floridians.

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2 Comment

  1. I think this may be a story for when you are surrounded by Grandchildren. (lol)

    "I remember, I was feeling so sick one year at the cottage that we ended up in the ER & Mom actually TOOK A PICTURE of me while we were waiting for a Doc!" Oh so funny.

    I hope you are feeling better I. Nothing worse than a cold on a vacation.