Vacation - The Cottage - A Treasure Found

playing in the creek

m. in the creek

playing in the creek

c. with her new camera (pink of course)

One day, working to not run out of things for sick kids to do, I decided to take the kids to a park (less windy than the cottage). Adding to the unexpected in this vacation ... as soon as we turned onto the street to the park it started to rain. The park was vetoed and we went to the library ... which was closed for the day.

The next day, still cool at the cottage, we determined to try the park again, having seen a playground there. Everyone was loaded up, even the teenager who was sure she had much cooler things to do, and off we went. Playground, shmayground. This creek was much better than a playground. Plenty of rocks, a sandy bottom, little fishes, and relatively shallow water led to an hour or so of fun. Most of the boys ended up with soaking wet clothes ... but why not? Even the teen had a great time.

Back to the unexpected ... I. wasn't feeling well so we left to get him back to bed. On the way to the car I see a leech - A LEECH - stuck on K.'s leg. I've never seen a leech before, never touched one, never wanted to. Ick! But it came off easily and, hopefully, we can not have that happen again for a while!

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2 Comment

  1. OMG!
    A LEECH!!!!!!!
    Congrats for not passing out :)

  2. streams make a great playground (even for teens). leeches are sooo gross. we used to douse them with salt as kids. (after we pulled them off our bodies that is)