Pink and Green Quilt

pink green quilt

Another finished product, completed while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

pink green quilt detail, back, and bindingI'm very happy with the way this pretty little quilt turned out. I'm sure the border would have been nice if I hadn't redone it but I'm happy with this one ... it's what I'd originally pictured in my mind.

The backside is super soft chenille that I dyed bright pink. It's nice and soft, but the chenille made it kind of hard to follow the wavy seam line when I was hand sewing the binding ... I found direct pink green quilt detail and bindingsunlight to be very helpful ... when I do it again I'll use a thread that slightly contrasts the backside, since it doesn't show on the back anyway.

The quilting stitching is done in bright pink, on the machine.

The quilt measures about 40" by 48".

Again, this is the inspiration quilt ... which I adore, adore, adore.

pink green quilt back, binding pink green quilt detail

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4 Comment

  1. Did I say I loved the dark border. Wow! I love this even more! Just love wavy borders. Cherrie

  2. Wonderful quilt in happy colours.

  3. Oh its wonderful! its so so so cute. I love the colors and the texture. The curved border really sets it off.

  4. love the pink and green...and i'm with you on the inspiration quilt...i have that one in my inspiration book too. i love the wavy border...looks hard, but it really adds to the quilt.