Frugal Friday - Cleaning

Continuing with how we stay on our grocery budget ... cleaning supplies.

The only household cleaning supplies I buy regularly are Windex, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (how did I live without these? With 3 boys in the house and my affection for white walls and furniture they're a staple.), toilet scrubby wand and pads, and Swiffer wet mop for the upstairs bathrooms. I tear off pieces of the Magic Erasers, if I need more I grab another piece but most jobs aren't that big.

I will buy a few other cleaning products if they're dirt cheap (like practically free), but most of them are pretty unimpressive.

For most everything else we use either baking soda or vinegar ... but not together ... unless you're making a volcano, which really is very entertaining, except that now whenever I get one of the two out to clean the kids clammer for a volcano.

Dishwasher detergent I buy when on sale and combine with coupons.

Laundry soap I buy in a gigantic tub at Sears. It goes on sale ... ends up being about $.07 per load, if you use the recommended amount. It's great for our HE washer and lasts forever. I use about 1/2 the recommended amount and have never had a problem. Dryer sheets ... after some trial and error I use Bounce sheets cut in half, so half a sheet for each load.

Ok, I think this is the dullest post ever.

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4 Comment

  1. Sounds dull, but lots of super information. If you want to post another dull post how about the recipes for your baking soda and vinegar cleaners. I usually just use diluted vinegar or a baking soda paste, but don't have mixes.

  2. By any chance did/do you use cloth diapers? We are switching over to Charlie's Soap for those & everything else, since we have to run a few cycles of just charlies to get the detergent out of the washer...

    Not unlike the Rx catfood - we are doing this blindly.

    But as for the other cleaning stuff, I am very close to you. (We use Trader Joes in the dish washer - it is better for the environment.)

  3. Not dull, it's nice to compare thoughts. That's what is so great about the web & blogs.
    I love making volcanoes... hee hee.
    I use to by lots of cleaning stuff... had something for everything. But ever since I bought a giant bottle of simple green, things have changed. When I do buy cleaning products it's usually Method cleaners.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love to talk cheap cleaning! :)

    I use a mixture of borax & baking soda for my dishwasher detergent. Super cheap and works well. For an extra shine, I add 1 drop of dish soap.

    Diluted vinegar is my favorite