Fall Lap Quilt

fall lap quilt

fall lap quiltThis is the last of the quilts I brought on vacation with me. I can't believe I got all seven of them finished ... with a few days to spare even. I hadn't really intended to finish them all, but I'm enjoying the sense of satisfaction now that they are done (and I'm enjoying looking at them!).

My mother asked me today if I had any new quilts or other projects planned or in the works ... nope, not yet. I have found a little time to do some fabric shopping while here so hopefully I'll be bringing home lots and lots of inspiration to play with. As I sat down at the computer this evening I reached for the presser foot ... I'm so ready to start sewing again.

I posted about this quilt here first, back when it was just a top. The quilt is pretty much divided into four sections, each centered around the white fall tree fabric (which was a steal at JoAnn's ... so much so that I bought the remainder of the bolt). The rest of the fabrics are cut into different sizes when possible, trimming them to fit together as needed, which fall lap quilt backsidemeans I have no measurements to make this again ... it's a one of a kind. I added a few long strips at the end of each section so the overall appearance would be a little more random, other than those long strips the sections are identical.

The backside is three coordinating joined pieces and the binding is a red leaf that's used in the front, in the border, and on the backside.

I free-motion quilted it in gold-toned thread.
fall lap quilt detail, binding, and backside

This one also has a wavy border. I can't believe what a difference that makes to the "feel" of the quilt ... at least I think it makes a difference.

It was a rainy morning when I took these pictures so the colors didn't come out as vivid or as bright as they really are. The pictures on the right hand side are the most accurate, I think.

I'm notexactly sure what the final measurement of this quilt is ... probably 45" by 45". It works well as a lap quilt, while I stitched it it kept me nice and toasty warm in the cool evenings (downright cold if you're wimpy like us Floridians).

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4 Comment

  1. gorgeous lap quilt. that pink is so unexpected, but really enlivens the quilt.

  2. This really is my favorite of all of them. It is so extremely lovely its hard to believe you made it up as you went along. Well done! I love the colors and the fabrics and the scrappiness/simplicity though complex nature of it, too. It gives the eye so much to look at.

  3. i'm going to head over to flickr to look at this more closely. such a nifty combo of fabrics. the trees are such a fun focus.

  4. wow! What a fantastic quilt!