Blue and Green Quilt

blue green quilt

blue green quiltThe quilt for the babe! I'm so so happy with this quilt. It's going to look lovely on the wall of his room (just as soon as I transform his room from the sewing room, which is both physically and selfishly more challenging than it should be!).

The backside of the quilt is dark blue dyed chenille. I did this at the same time as A. and K. did their shirts (same batch of dye) and A. suggested rubber banding the chenille blue green quilt detailtoo ... seemed fun to try so I did. Unfortunately, in the final wash the blue bled into the spaces that had stayed white and they are now light blue ... it lost some of the effect, but I still like it ... and I like that A. and K. were involved in the creation of the quilt.

I'm not sure what will happen with the rest of the bedding and wall decor in the room. The colors in the quilt are very varied, so I think almost anything can (and probably will) blue green quilt detailgo with this. I don't know ... I feel like I could go either sophisticated (maybe use more of the paisley green fabric) or simple. Hmm... so many fun decisions to make!

Oh, just a word to the wise when doing a wavy edge. You must cut the binding on the bias. This is probably self-explanatory, you need the give for the curves and most especially the corners. Do I need to say that I didn't cut blue green quilt back, binding, detailthis binding on the bias? Were I making this for anyone else I'd have redone it but since it's for me, and will hang on a wall, I let it go. After I pressed it it looked alright, but certainly would have had more ease if I'd cut it right.

Again, credit must go to the inspiration quilt.

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7 Comment

  1. Oh, I think this is my favourite! Love the colours, it will be wonderful for the new babe. :0)

  2. Just beautiful Jody! I love the colors and the dark blue chenille..what a fun quilt!

  3. Oh, I love that so much! The colors are so soothing and beautiful!

  4. It's a winner in my books! ;)
    I love it.

  5. This is gorgeous! And I particularly love the wavy edge.

  6. Wow its as cute as it can be. Love the colors and the design. That scalloped border is perfect.

  7. I saw this on flickr and had to click over. I adore this quilt! You have a great eye for color. I want it to hang on my wall!