So Not Not a Quilt

Fall Quilt Top Close Up
Yes, this is a quilt top. In my defense, I made it before the sewing room was cleaned and quilts counted. Actually, it was made the same day I made these, the fact that they are as dissimilar as can be does cause me to worry a little about my mental health. A lot.

I can't recall the measurements of the top, probably about 43" by 43". Working with so many different sized pieces and figuring out what order to sew them in was a lot of fun, especially when it really did all come together.

Ok, see the red couch? Matches these walls. While I was taking the pictures I remembered why I painted the bathroom red. We bought the couch first, Jason's choice but the fabric has a floral pattern so I was ok with it. The curtains in this room also have a lot of the red in them. After entering the house through the front door, passing through theliving room, breakfast area, and the family room, one would reach the bathroom. I thought it'd tie the downstairs together by painting the bathroom a color similar to the living room/dining room colors. The other colors downstairs ... white, pink, blue do flow throughout the rooms so it does end up working out, I just think the red it a lot for a small room. But, for what it's worth, that's the rest of the story.fat quarters

Our local quilt shop, Quilt Lover's Hangout, had a great sale last weekend and all these fat quarters were just $1. They had bin after bin after bin of them. So much fun to sort through! I also picked up a few charm packs at 40% off.

The bottom three fabrics, the horseshoes and the two beneath it are asking to be made into a boyish cowboy quilt. I think that's a great idea and will be in the sewing room this afternoon.

Oh, and check out the yummy sailboat fabric. Of course I couldn't pass that one up!

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3 Comment

  1. I LOVE it. Fun and funky! Way cool! And that is quite an awesome purchase at a $1 ea! Have a Terrific Tuesday!

  2. Hi, That is just the most beautiful combination. Hope you get it quilted and can use it soon. Congratulations. Cherrie