Random Friday

Jenni at One Thing is the winner of the Because I'm Me gift certificate. Congratulations Jenni!

A few years ago we got a brand new airport, because ours was really old (not really ... it all seems like a complete waste of money to me, but what do I know???). The new airport is on the same property as the old airport but on the other side of the runway. The old airport was 10 minutes from our house, the new one is further but we can still go the "old way" to get there ... or to get to Joann Fabrics. We like going the old way when we can ... we've been watching the water levels of the small lakes along the way, occasionally we're blessed by wildlife - boars, armadillos, birds, etc., and a week or two ago we even saw one of the planes that travels in the presidents entourage (not Air Force 1 though). Yesterday we saw these two pretties, and the "dad" but he didn't make it into the picture. Is it just me or do they have big ears?

deer at the airport

Here is the girl quilt with a different border. Yeah, it looks a lot like it did before. I sure wish I'd read all the lovely comments about the first border before I ripped it out, I'd have rethought that decision. But I'm pleased with this and it'll work well on the wall.

girl quilt with new border

M. took on the job of sorting all the buttons, buckles, and clothing repair items from Ditto Kiddo. This was what was left when I walked in the room. I thought it would make a pretty picture.

m.s row of thread

Have a great weekend.

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3 Comment

  1. I myself like the new border better. ;o) It's a darling quilt. ~jodi

  2. I like the new border better too. I love both the boy and the girl version!

    Thank you again for the giveaway, Jody. MWAH!

  3. Both borders look good, but I do like the new border better, too!