A Little Sewing

In less than one week our vacation begins! The "new" (I've used it before but love it) header is from the cottage we'll be staying at. I am so ready to be there, sitting in one of those chairs while the children swim and boat themselves into elated exhaustion.

I've never been one to plan ahead, it just makes the wait seem longer, but I have gotten three quilts ready to go on vacation with us ... nothing left to do on them but hand sew the binding.

quilts ready for binding

I'm getting a few more ready, planned to get a few done last night, but we know what happens at a standstill ... running out of everything at once!with well-laid plans ... As I was winding the bobbin to quilt the first one I watched in amusement as ALL the navy thread I had went onto the bobbin, leaving me nothing but a nice white plastic spool. No problem, I think, I can pin another and sew that one. I pinned until I only had a few pins left, most certainly not enough to pin another quilt. And then I would the bobbins, two for this one since it'll be free motion quilted and I'll go through at least two bobbins. Surprise! I watched as the white on the spool got longer and longer until there was barely any thread left. So there I sat, late last night, with few pins and two empty spools.

I gave up and went to bed, but not before watching So You Think You Can Dance. I was very sad when they announced who was cut ... I really liked both of those dancers. We Tivo the show and then barrel through it, skipping all commercials and everything Mary Murphy says (can't take the screaming).

Before we leave for the cottage I need to cut fabric/sheet squares for a swap, sew a nightgown that my belly will fit into for the next few months ... I don't sew clothes and I'm not using a pattern ... you may not ever see a picture of my "concoction" ... we'll see, and I want to finish the rest of the quilts.

Have a great weekend!

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4 Comment

  1. Isn't it a bummer when you run out of thread right in the middle? We watch SYTYCD the same way -- Mary Murphy drives me crazy!

  2. I love that middle quilt...drool.

  3. Have a wonderful time on vacation! That middle quilt (what I can see of it) looks absolutely divine!