I Miss My Store

We finally hooked up the store computer and I've been playing around on it this evening. I'm lying ... I haven't been playing, I've been trying to get our #*( printer to work with it, and have seriously debated throwing the computer out a window ... more than once.

Ditto Kiddo in chalkI've been asked, a lot, how I feel about the store now that I'm away from it. Well, I miss it. A lot. Almost nightly I dream about having a store, not necessarily the same as Ditto Kiddo, but something of my own. A place where I can do the displays, talk to grown-ups, get excited about the products I'm selling, and hopefully even earn a little money ... an outlet for me to be the business person me as well as the creative me.

I've thought about getting a retail job and nixed that idea quickly. I'm not ready to work for someone else and not be the boss ... I'm pretty sure I'd be too set in my ways and opinionated.


I don't miss it in a sad and depressed kind of way, more of a "wow, this was my life for 9 years and suddenly it's completely gone, what do I do about that?" kind of way. I think no one is more surprised than me by that ... I was really ready to move on, and I'm still perfectly glad that I did, but I thought I'd lock the doors and never look back, and that hasn't been the case at all. I'm glad, it reminds me that I spent all those years doing something I loved, and I do look back at Ditto Kiddo with a lot of love and joy.

27 003Jason and I have talked a bit about opening another business someday. Obviously not now, closing the store when we did couldn't have been timed any better, and I couldn't be more grateful. There's no way I could have worked with the issues I've had during this pregnancy. Also, it's great being home with the kids ... certainly a lot different than working, even different than having them at work, but wonderful. But maybe someday ...

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  1. Everything you say makes perfect sense. I don't think those feelings will ever leave, they aren't as frequent or as strong, but they're always there. It's part of who you are. I know first hand. Hugs. ~jodi

  2. Oh, I had only been a few times to the store and I could tell how much you loved it. Such a wonderful store! On the way to the beach, we drove by it and the store looks like it misses you too! You'll do great with whatever you plan to do...very creative and driven!

  3. I love to hear you talk about your store. I'm sure it will always be a part of you.

  4. I went through this about 2 months after I closed.
    I realized I had identified "me" as a business owner.

    I really had "standing" in the community because everyone knew who I was. I had some different (better) treatment at some businesses because they knew who I was. Stuff like that.

    It surprised me that I had to grapple with the "lost" feeling because I like you was sooooooo ready to be done.

    I think it's just that it's a huge adjustment and you have to find you again:)

    Hang in there:)

  5. You know I really love the way you look at it. Not being sad for the loss of the store, but knowing that you were doing something you loved. Not looking back in regret, but looking back with fondness and love. I hope you guys get a chance to do it again someday!

  6. Jodi

    I was in another shop this past weekend with my mom and I said to her "I miss ditto kiddo" this other shop we were in doesnt compare. We miss your shop too!