I Love Checking the Mail

When I gathered the mail today I found an unexpected package from Texas. My first thought was that I'd bought something and forgotten ... but we've been so careful I knew that wasn't the case.

DSQ4 - from Patty

I opened it and found this wonderful quilt from Patty. I'm so thrilled! It is so me! Even Jason commented that she read me very well ... he was very impressed (it's nice to have a husband who supports, and even gets excited about, my crafting and sewing).

DSQ4 - from PattyAlso included was a small pincushion stuffed with real, from a field next to her home, cotton. Is that cool or what? My kids were ready to move next to a cotton field so they could start stuffing things.

Patty, thank you for such a wonderful, beautiful surprise. I can tell that a lot of thought and effort went into this quilt and I can't wait to hang it up and enjoy it. I am so blessed.

In baby news, we had a 16 week ultrasound today, pretty in depth ... 'cause I'm still older than the hills (actually, even older, I turned 42 last week). Everything looked terrific, right as it should be. Babe is measuring about 7.5" long and weighs about 6 oz. ... which is quite a bit less than I've gained. We got a great shot of a hand, and plenty of legs and feet. All organs appeared perfect.

When this child is born I'll be having a c-section and will be under general anesthesia. Because of that we decided to find out the sex, which I haven't wanted to do for the last three, but if we wait until delivery I won't know the gender until after I wake up ... making me the last person to know whether I have a boy or a girl. So ...

the baby crossed it's legs, wouldn't budge, and all we know is that we're having a boy or a girl. Go figure!

We have another ultrasound scheduled in 7 weeks because of a complication that seems to have resolved itself (but they want to keep an eye on it).

Thanks again Patty.

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4 Comment

  1. what a lovely gift! Congrats on the baby- I've quit at 36 but had 4 c sections- all under epidural and they weirdest thing is walking into the operating theater when you are not in labour, you keeping thinking do I have to do this night now?

  2. I agree about the quilt AND the c-section thing!
    Although, I was too wimpy to walk. I had them wheel me in I was so scared. (lol)
    By the way, I love this baby to pieces already!

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm putting this one in my idea file! Congrats on the good baby news. Hope you've been feeling ok. Take good care!

  4. Wow, what a darling quilt. Good luck with that baby.