The B.O.A.T. Bucket

This should post while I'm on vacation ... today we are scheduled to be in New Orleans ... or if it doesn't post when it's supposed to we're probably somewhere else!

The other night I, not for the first time, decided I was sick and tired of being the maid for this shambolic crew.

I had stepped on one Lego too many and sidestepped the last shoe I was going to. The final straw(s) was the sticky stuff spilled and left on the kitchen floor, topped by the sand on the kitchen floor, the full to overflowing trash can, the full vacuum cleaner, the dirty clothes in my bathroom, the unfolded laundry in the hallway, and the general chaos left in my bedroom.

Momma wasn't happy. Momma laid down the law at breakfast the next day. You don't do your share, you don't get. The bottom line was pretty simple ... make a mess, clean it up ... get something out, put it away ... see something that needs to be done, do it. By the time I was finished the children were staring at me as if I was either insane or dead serious ... whichever they thought it was it has worked so far ... the six other people who live in this house have been cleaning up after themselves and doing their chores.

So then what's the B.O.A.T. bucket? I heard this idea years ago from another Mom of an unruly crew. She took things the kids left laying around and stuck them in a huge garbage can and let the kids pay to get them back. The B.O.A.T. bucket is the "bucket of abandoned things" and is a huge clear rubbermaid tub just perfect for shoes, books, toys, clothes, etc. left laying around.

K. has been busy trying to find other people's things to put in the bucket, and I've been busy explaining that that's not how it works. Other than that, it's working well and the B.O.A.T. bucket has stayed empty for two days. I'm sure there will be things in it soon enough, after the new wears off, but that's ok, it'll be a good learning tool.

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5 Comment

  1. Good idea!

    Too funny about K trying to find other people's things;)

  2. We had this when I was growing up, only my parents referred to it as "the silent butler." As in, "Mom have you seen my doll?" "Hmm, I believe the silent butler found it." or "It's been silent butlered." Man, I HATED the silent butler. To this day one of my biggest faults is leaving stuff lying around in random places and not being able to find it when I need it.

  3. What an awesome idea...I need to do this for my husband!! he he

  4. Nice idea! Filing in the brain for later...

  5. I think you must have been visiting my house to find things for the B.O.a.t bucket- how much for my usb lead, tape measure and the cheque from the customer who is really fussy and I can't tell them I have lost it..........