Baby Decorating Decisions Have Been Made, Part II

Here is the girl quilt to match the boyish one I made over the weekend.

girl quilt

This one took much more thought than the blue/green one, largely because I was low on pink and green fabrics ... at least in the "right" shades, and didn't want to spend any money on new fabric. In the end I redid 4 of the blocks, but am happy with the results (but I do like the blue/green one better... shhh...).

girl quilt border ... which will be removed

After sewing the border on late last night I looked at the quilt and knew immediately the border was not going to work. It will come off and be replaced by something pink that is much less "busy" ... which I will have to buy. While I'm at it I may replace one or two (or more) more squares ... I haven't decided yet, that'll probably depend on the fabrics I find when I finally make it to the fabric store.

girl quilt, border removed

See, here it is without the border.

The quilting will be done with bright pink, not fuschia, but a strong on-the-dark-side pink.

I love Caitlin's idea of dying sheets and am planning to go that direction when the time comes.

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6 Comment

  1. Hello, I guess the phot could show the wrong colours and you do need to trust your own judgement but I think the blanket looks perfectly darling just as it is. A very happy look. Cherrie

  2. This is really adorable. Have to keep these in mind for friends who will be having twins!

  3. I love this quilt - and I think the border is great!!
    Thanks for the nice words :-) - I really don't know what I'm doing most of the time!!

  4. LOVE this quilt! I actually like it more than the boy version. ZSo a girl would be ok. :)

  5. Hmmm well from the photo the border looks great with contrast to the white but I know how you feel when you think a border is unsettling. I liked it myself.

  6. With or without border...great work. I love this. Fresh and funky!