Plan B ... or Round 2

27 001I started on "Plan B" quilt top before reading your kind and wonderful comments. As always, I appreciate your words and gladly take all comments into consideration. So thank you for your input!

I thought that since I started this I'd go ahead and finish it and then decide which quilt to use for the swap. So here it is, mini quilt top #2 (aka Plan B).

I had no idea what I was doing for this one. I've never worked with triangles before ... it took quite a bit of trail and error to figure out measurements (and I couldn't tell you what they ended up being). Once I realized I needed to make 16 squares I was able to figure the measurements based on the size I wanted for each square, if that makes sense.

This quilt is all tiny scraps (smaller than 5" by 5" pieces of fabric), except the white backgrounds which were purchased for the first top. I love scrap quilts ... so much fun character.

As you can see, this one isn't perfect either. But I'm over that (see ... I really do take comments seriously!). It's cute. I like it.

BUT ...

I like the first one more for this swap. I think it'll be the better fit of the two for the recipient.

So, for today, we're back to Plan A.

Thanks for your thoughts and have a great weekend!

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6 Comment

  1. Oh this one is amazing too! You are so talented!

  2. Oh, oh, oh!!! If you need somebody to love Plan B, I'm your girl!!! It's adorable!

  3. I do love the colors in this one! You did another great job!

  4. I would never have guessed this was a first attempt at a design like this. You have serious talent!

    (and I'd gladly take one..or both of these beauties off of your hands!)

  5. Another hit! This is simply beautiful. Good for you figuring this all out!